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Population: 104.96 mn.
GDP: $80.56 bn.
Debt: $26.56 bn.

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Opposition nuptials

Activists in the opposition coalition Medrek met on 31 July to form a single party after their disastrous performance in the May elections (AC Vol 51 No 11). Although the oppositio...

Opposition wipe-out

In 2005, all of Addis Ababa’s federal parliamentary seats went to the opposition; this time, preliminary results suggest that all but one have gone to the Ethiopian People’s Revolu...

Mixed messages

In a spirit of reconciliation not always seen from Asmara, Eritrea’s Ambassador in London, Tesfamicael Gerahtu, told AC that the people of his country and Ethiopia were ‘bound to l...

Too many cooks

With elections due on 23 May, Premier Meles Zenawi’s government is looking forward to another five years in office. Amid sporadic violence with several deaths, opposition and gover...

Looking for a landslide

The ruling party is set to win next month’s elections amid growing criticism at home and abroad

The government is determined to win by a landslide in the 23 May elections, to make up for the question marks over those of 2005 (AC Vol 46 No 11). The signs are that it will succe...

Dry times for a quick election

The government faces elections against a divided opposition: its biggest enemies are the weather and Eritrean President Issayas Afewerki

The political calendar will be dominated by national elections on 23 May. The government wants to avoid a repeat of the violence that followed the 2005 elections, when 200 people w...

Dangerous neighbours

Somalia and Eritrea will dominate Addis Ababa’s security concerns (AC Vol 50 No 18). New United Nations’ sanctions against Eritrea will have little immediate effect on President Is...

Fertile fields for India

The Addis government shows scant regard for the potential local impact of massive Indian investment in floriculture and biofuels

Ethiopia is renowned more for its famines than for its fertile fields but land leasing has become a burgeoning business in some of the most unlikely locations. Vast swathes of ar...

Dangers and dilemmas in the Horn of Africa

The most dangerous corner of Africa is its north-eastern Horn, where instability reigns and terrorism thrives on the antagonisms of its governments

The fate of Somalia is in the balance, as the Transitional Federal Government struggles for control against Islamist insurgents. Eritrea and Ethiopia are engaged in an unremitting ...

Displaying 181-190 out of 276 results.