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Population: 107.4m
GDP: $205.13bn
Debt: 30.5% of GDP (2024)

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Addis and Al Itahad

Ethiopia has won another round in its war against Islamists. Somalia's main Islamist movement, Al Itahad al Islami, lost its last major bases to an Ethiopian assault on 11 June. It...

Trumpeting the Horn

Meles' alliance with Eritrea and Uganda is changing the balance of power in the region

Ethiopia is once more a force to be reckoned with, as Prime Minister Meles Zenawi emerges from the shadow of his 'elder brother' President Issayas Aferworki of Eritrea. Both are ex...

Route to the sea

The government is getting nervous about Afars: their territory covers its main route to the sea and Eritrea's port of Assab. Military action in 1996 failed to break the Afar Revolu...

Heave ho

President Issayas Aferworki has decided 'that the time isn't right' for Eritrea to take over Ethiopia's redundant navy. This would be seen as too provocative while Eritrea and Yeme...

Hot pursuits

Ethiopia is stepping up pressure on its opponents. Attacks early in August on Somalia-based Al Itahad Islamists (AC Vol 37 No 17) were followed by cross-border incursions west of H...

Warning from Addis

Ethiopian forces used tanks and helicopter gunships to attack Islamist militias in three towns in Somalia – Belet-Hawa, Dolo and Lugh – on 8-9 August in an attempt to destroy bases...

Café assassins

Two men casually ate breakfast in an Addis Ababa café on 8 July as they waited for the highest ranking Muslim in the federal government, Transport and Communications Minister Abdul...

Hands across the water

Addis Ababa is becoming Washington's key ally against an expansionist Khartoum

The Addis Ababa-Washington axis is in better shape than for more than 25 years, probably since the hey-days of Emperor Haile Selassie in the 1960s. For the United States, Meles Zen...

Voice of Babel

Washington's Voice of America is to broadcast in three languages – Oromo and Tigrinya as well as Amharic – to Ethiopia in response to growing criticism from Addis Ababa about the c...

Power to the provinces

The regionalisation strategy is facing its biggest test this year - can it reduce poverty?

Winning elections has proved easy for Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and his colleagues. Unsurprising, say his critics, given that the opposition is too divided to put up a credible f...

Displaying 301-310 out of 310 results.