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Population: 37.89m
GDP: $92.12bn
Debt: 70.3% of GDP (2024)

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Congo guns

In the heaviest fighting since November 1994's ceasefire, the Forças Armadas de Angola have pounded positions of Jonas Savimbi's União Nacional para a Independê...

Regional rebound

After Mobutu Sese Seko, UNITA is the biggest loser from changes in Central Africa

Jonas Savimbi must feel that the earth has moved but not because he is any closer to quenching his passion to become president of Angola. The tremors running from northern Angola d...

Cabinda to Kinshasa

On 10 March, all the senior leaders of Frente de Libertação do Enclave de Cabinda-Renovada, Antonio Bento Bembe, Artur Tchibassa and Mirracio Armando N'zoulou, were t...

It's not over yet

The UN is gradually pulling out but key political and military issues are unresolved

The doubters have been proved wrong, says the ever optimistic Alioune Blondin Beye, the United Nations Secretary General's Special Representative in Angola. A government of nationa...

Oil the wheels

Spectacular oil finds in the Congo basin off Angola's coastline are bringing in foreign investors and boosting the government's bargaining position. Industry sources reckon that wi...

The real thing

Coca-Cola has been given a taste of the 'real thing' in its two-year bid to open a bottling plant near Luanda: it has been asked to hand nearly a third of its venture to a company ...

Sorting out Savimbi

The UN is making progress on the military front but can't find a job for the rebel leader

Piece by piece, Angolans and the United Nations are knitting the government and rebel armies together but the critical issue – the future role of Jonas Savimbi – is unresolved. Unt...

The state is sick 

The ailing president has sacked all his ministers and seems to be travelling in a different direction from his party

President José Eduardo dos Santos' sacking of Prime Minister Marcolino Moco and his cabinet on 3 June is a belated attempt to rally his troops before they have to start doing busi...

Displaying 271-280 out of 281 results.