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Population: 29.78 mn.
GDP: $124.21 bn.
Debt: $37.2 bn.

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Vicente to succeed Dos Santos?

Luanda’s rumour mill has gone into overdrive after the ruling Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola and the privately-owned Novo Jornal suggested that President José Eduardo do...

Bad fences, bad neighbours

Disputes over politics, oil and diamonds are dividing the two neighbouring governments

Relations between Luanda and Kinshasa could deteriorate sharply after a series of disputes. Angolan border police expelled about 15,000 Congolese in April and May after rounding th...

Media makeover

Luanda’s secretive government has set up a task force to overhaul its communications strategy before next year’s parliamentary elections. The grandly titled Grupo de Revitalização ...

Cabinda man arrested

The latest twist in the long dispute between Angola and Congo-Kinshasa came with the arrest in Kinshasa of Cabindan human rights activist Agostinho Chicaia in late June. Tension ha...

Why the Arab Spring worries Luanda

After 32 years in power, President Dos Santos presides over a fast growing economy which leaves most of his compatriots in dire poverty

The buzz word is ‘opacity’. Elections are due by the end of 2012 but no one is certain who is standing. Angola has one of the strongest economies in Africa but the beneficiaries of...

Fixing finances

A peaceful end to Luanda’s diplomatic dispute with the United States is in sight. US banks had closed Luanda’s bank accounts and Angola retaliated by detaining a ship from the USA ...

Displaying 81-90 out of 263 results.