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Population: 29.78 mn.
GDP: $124.21 bn.
Debt: $37.2 bn.

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How the Sino-Angolan alliance works

The China International Fund (CIF) was born in the aftermath of Angola's civil war as the Luanda government embarked on Africa's costliest post-war reconstruction, fuelled by oil...

Luanda diversifies its portfolio

A weak economy drives Angola into the arms of the IMF as Luanda's elite works more closely with their Chinese counterparts in local and regional deals

China's relations with Angola suffered a setback this month when Luanda turned down the acquisition by China National Offshore Oil Corporation and Sinopec of a coveted oil block....

The Luanda-Beijing axis targets Guinea

Guinea's military ruler Moussa Dadis Camara set up a commission on 28 August to manage a planned US$1.6 billion investment from the China International Fund. The CIF is 70% owned...

Oil, votes and Beijing

As Luanda tries to shore up its finances as export revenues tumble, China’s offer of credit becomes more important

The combination of lower world oil prices, tighter credit and production cuts has increased Luanda's reliance on its countertrade credits with China. As Angola holds the presiden...

Best friends again

Angola has maintained its status as China's biggest trading partner in Africa - with trade volumes between the two countries reaching US$25.3 billion in 2008 - according to Beiji...

Anonymous commerce

Suspicion hangs over Norway's oil major Statoil Hydro after an internal audit published last month flagged as suspicious a joint venture with a mystery Angolan company, signed in S...

Sweet FA

England’s Football Association (FA) may be interested in the links between Alexandre Gaydamak, the declared owner of Portsmouth Football Club, and arms-dealing companies that have ...

Stand and deliver

The election has reinforced the MPLA's dominance and emboldened its leaders to promise an economic revolution

body>The crushing victory of the ruling Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola (MPLA) in the parliamentary elections on 5-6 September opens the way for veteran party leader Pres...

The Angolagate trial

The saga comes to a head in a delicate moment for Franco-Angolan relations

The Angolagate arms saga comes to a head on 6 October, when 42 prominent French officials and businessmen face trial in Paris in a delicate moment for Franco-Angolan relations. The...

Concrete overcoats

Contractors in Luanda are gossiping about who might benefit from the privatisation of Angola’s state-owned cement company, Encime, as the construction business booms.

Displaying 121-130 out of 263 results.