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Population: 36.68m
GDP: $67.4bn
Debt: 52.5% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Mugging Miala

The detention of sacked intelligence chief General Fernando Garcia Miala on 13 July points to deepening rivalries within Angola's security services. Miala was sacked in February 20...

Exit Arkady

A quarrel over business spoils seems to lie behind the hasty departure of Russo-Israeli businessman Arkady Gaydamak from Luanda late last month.

Going nuclear

A curious article published by the state-owned daily Jornal de Angola in February seems to have escaped attention: a declaration by Science and Technology Minister João Bapt...

A frontier affair

Old allies in Luanda and Kinshasa are at odds over their border in diamond country

A high-powered Angolan delegation visited Kinshasa on 14 March. It included Foreign Minister João Bernado de Miranda, Interior Minister Leal Monteiro 'Ngongo', Chief-of-Staf...

Oil's new power


Angola's oil-backed rulers are standing proud on the international scene. In the last three months, Angola has joined the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC); pull...

Discontent in the air

The facade sometimes cracks. Angola's state media habitually promote the governing Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola (MPLA) but, for two hours on 12 March, R&...

Authoritarian alliances

Party stalwarts want a centralised dictatorship to develop the country. The government seems to be listening

Angolans are waiting for a peace dividend five years after the Forças Armadas Angolanas (FAA) tracked down and killed Jonas Savimbi, leader of the rebel União Naciona...

Global prisoner

The arrest and imprisonment on national security grounds of Sarah Wykes of Global Witness in Angola's Cabinda Province draws attention to the government's clampdown. Global Witness...

Displaying 171-180 out of 281 results.