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Population: 37.89m
GDP: $92.12bn
Debt: 70.3% of GDP (2024)

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Clinging to the cash box

For once, donor money may influence Angola's oil-rich leaders. At present, the country receives humanitarian funds, channeled through the United Nations and collected through a con...

Going for Glencore

Swiss-based oil and commodities trader Glencore has become entangled in France's Angolagate scandal. Paris sources say an arrest warrant has been issued for one of the company's le...

Whose peace bonanza?

The oil and diamond boom enriches the party but doesn't feed the people

The view from the presidency at Futungo de Belas is bright. With peace and victory, Angola is on the path to becoming an oil- and gas-fuelled industrial economy to rival Nigeria an...

Banking on the donors

Now the war is over, Angola hopes to hoover up easy money from donors, who pledged up to US$1 billion at a round table conference in 1995 after the signing of the Lusaka peace acco...

An edited peace

Quick moves to a ceasefire; much slower ones on political and economic reforms

There are three reasons why the rebels of the União Nacional para a Independência Total de Angola will not go to war again against the Movimento Popular de Liberta&cce...

Pax Luanda

Government and rebels were set to sign a comprehensive ceasefire on 4 April some ten years after a similar deal which saw the two sides merge their armies, fight an election and......

Death, not peace

After four decades of war, the killing of 'O Mais Velho' Jonas Savimbi makes peace possible but not certain

The government sent a message of reconciliation. After the death in combat of Jonas Savimbi in late February, President José Eduardo dos Santos said the army was working tow...

How many UNITAs?

The most important of the post-Jonas Savimbi factions of the União Nacional para a Independência Total de Angola is the armed wing which was under António Dembo...

Good news for some

Jonas Savimbi's death was greeted with joy in Namibia, where the governing South West African People's Organisation has extremely close ties to the Movimento Popular de Liberta&cce...

Russian roulette

Unexplained debts and secret accounts alarm the IMF and deter investors

Before the International Monetary Fund lends money, it needs to know about the recipient's other debts. Angola's government has borrowed huge sums which are not audited or included...

Displaying 211-220 out of 281 results.