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Population: 37.89m
GDP: $92.12bn
Debt: 70.3% of GDP (2024)

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Oil-fired warfare

Luanda is tying new investments in its oil sector to arms procurements

As the government's economic and military position worsens, its leading apparatchiks are finding ever more innovative ways of financing the war effort. The latest strategy, we hea...

Francophone fronts

Luanda is sharpening up its diplomatic tactics after a string of military successes by the União Nacional para a Independência Total de Angola in the north-west. Key t...


Caught off guard by UNITA, Luanda is trying to replay its previous military comebacks

No one in Luanda wants to take the blame for the government's string of military defeats by Jonas Savimbi's rebels over the past five months. It has been particularly embarrassing...

Deadly diamonds

UNITA's new armoury is financed by a web of deals from Luzamba to Antwerp

Its coffers full of diamond money, União Nacional para a Independência Total de Angola went on an arms-buying spree to mount, first its defence of the central highland...

All about power

Jonas Savimbi's aims are clear but they are unlikely to prevail

What does Jonas Savimbi's União Nacional para a Independência Total de Angola hope to gain from the return to all-out war? Power, of course. Savimbi's specific aim is ...

The President's men

A new cabinet is formed to tackle the war against UNITA and the collapsing economy

Two main imperatives drove the formation of President José Eduardo dos Santos' war cabinet, announced on 30 January: the need to find scapegoats for Angola's appalling econo...

David and Goliath

Even as it suffers military setbacks in Congo- Kinshasa and Congo-Brazzaville and back home in the central highlands, the Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola is pressing ahea...

Facing up to Savimbi

Abel Chivukuvuku takes on UNITA's leader from within his own party and people

Chivukuvuku’s first steps as an independent politician have faltered. He tried to recruit Savimbi’s former economics spokesperson, Fatima Roque, who is white and married to Portugu...

Strings attached

The MPLA is trying to carve a puppet UNITA but this doesn't tackle the issue of Savimbi's troops

In one month, the government has transformed the Angolan political situation. Its intrigues became visible on 31 August, when it suspended ministers and parliamentarians belonging...

Mining and undermining

As UNITA responds to the MPLA's 'final push', diamonds will be crucial

Jonas Savimbi’s União Nacional para a Independência Total de Angola is sometimes reported to have recently recaptured most of the diamond-mining areas from which it had been ousted...

Displaying 251-260 out of 281 results.