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Population: 37.89m
GDP: $92.12bn
Debt: 70.3% of GDP (2024)

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Green light

Donors will give Angola the benefit of the doubt and hold a pledging conference next year. On 15 October in Luanda, Karel de Gucht, Belgian Foreign Minister, said Belgium was prepa...

Black gold flows

If the powerful can get their hands on oil money, why bother about reform?

Economic prospects are booming in post-war Angola but only for those in the oil industry and the tiny minority who get oil money. Three big new oil-fields will be producing by the ...

From Russia with debt

One of Angola's murkier debt deals was an intricate agreement for rescheduling US$5 billion owed, mostly since the Cold War, to Russia. After hefty repayments, the then Finance Min...

Holding the cash

The President has promised not to stand for re-election: don't hold your breath

Big questions are meant to be settled when the ruling Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola (MPLA) holds its congress in Luanda on 6-10 December (AC Vol 44 No 8)....

Luanda's money-go-round

Mystery surrounds the 'social bonus fund' set up from proceeds of the oil licence payments from blocks 31-34. Touted as proof that big oil investors could nudge Angola's government...

Win the war, lose the peace

The civil war has ended but economic and political renewal have barely begun

A year after the fighting ended, war-ravaged Angola is on hold. The most pressing issues, such as resettling and rehabilitating more than three million civilians displaced by four ...

Beg, borrow and steal

At this critical time for peace, nearly a billion dollars is missing from the foreign reserves

Angola, a hoped-for oil ally of the United States and with a seat on the United Nations Security Council this year, should be doing well (AC Vol 44 No 1). Its civil war ended last ...

Is Gato going?

General Paulo Lukamba Gato's announcement that he will not seek nomination as presidential candidate for the União Nacional para a Independência Total de Angola is at ...

Neutering UNITA

President Dos Santos' ruling MPLA is glad of victory in the war against UNITA but resists other kinds of change

Eight months after the violent death of Jonas Malheiro Savimbi, the oil-financed élite of the ruling Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola is neutering his...

Displaying 201-210 out of 281 results.