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Population: 29.78 mn.
GDP: $124.21 bn.
Debt: $37.2 bn.

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How many UNITAs?

The most important of the post-Jonas Savimbi factions of the União Nacional para a Independência Total de Angola is the armed wing which was under António Dembo...

Good news for some

Jonas Savimbi's death was greeted with joy in Namibia, where the governing South West African People's Organisation has extremely close ties to the Movimento Popular de Liberta&cce...

Russian roulette

Unexplained debts and secret accounts alarm the IMF and deter investors

Before the International Monetary Fund lends money, it needs to know about the recipient's other debts. Angola's government has borrowed huge sums which are not audited or included...

Later rather than sooner

Hopes for peace and for votes are once again put on hold

The blip of optimism has gone, the agony will continue. Forget serious efforts to end the guerrilla war and hold elections, at least until late 2003 or 2004. Angola's oil and gas a...

Bitter borders

Angolan troops have made raids into Zambia and nobody agrees about what is going on. After a bad patch, relations between the neighbours had seemed warmer lately and Presidents Jos...

Who blinks first?

Government and UNITA rebels edge reluctantly towards a ceasefire and new negotiations in one of Africa's longest-running wars

Rebel leader Jonas Savimbi has a cruel sense of timing. For 18 months, he has been calling on the ruling Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola to start talking ag...

Lev Leviev takes on De Beers

De Beers announced on 24 May that it was suspending its investment and prospection in Angola's diamond business. That is a triumph for Lev Leviev, whose diamond interests are worth...

Talking to Jonas

The government may be getting ready to talk to its arch-enemy, Jonas Savimbi of the União Nacional para a Independência Total de Angola. The new parliamentary commissi...

Displaying 201-210 out of 264 results.