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Population: 37.89m (2024)
GDP: $92.12bn (2024)
Debt: 52.5% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Election budget

Oil, China and a bid for votes are driving the world's fastest growing economy

This week, an International Monetary Fund team is in Luanda to assess Angola's staggering economic boom; the Fund expects gross domestic product to grow by 27.6 per cent next year....

Divided on debt

Western creditors are divided over negotiating strategy on the rescheduling of Luanda's official debts to the Paris Club, which make up about half of its US$9.7 billion foreign deb...

Ten per cent

No formal discussion has been held with the Paris Club debtors, who demand that Angola enter into a Poverty Reduction and Growth Facility lending scheme with the Fund before enteri...

Poll postponed

Lengthy preparations for national elections mean no vote this year

President José Eduardo dos Santos was typically circumspect in his New Year address, when he announced that he wanted the Comissão Nacional Eleitoral (CNE) to start e...

Birthday blues

Soaring oil prices pay for some development spending but too much cash still goes missing

Luanda's political and business elite could well afford to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Angola's Independence, on 11 November. They form one of Africa's wealthiest and most ex...

Vanishing votes

The fate of the national elections and who's running in them is shrouded in mystery. They were meant to be held in 2006 but no date has been confirmed by President José Edua...

Boom boom, China's coming

Production is soaring, prices are up and Luanda is finding new friends

With all the world betting on high oil prices, Angola's post-war economy is set to boom and to boost its soaring trade with China. The Finance Ministry credibly forecasts growth of...

Election, what election?

With money and political dominance, the MPLA isn't rushing to the polls

After the war, democracy and prosperity. That was the mantra during three decades of war between the MPLA and UNITA. The reality is different. The victorious Movimento Popular de L...

Displaying 191-200 out of 281 results.