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Population: 2.72m
GDP: $2.69bn
Debt: 64.3% of GDP (2024)

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Unacceptable demands

President Jammeh cuts Gambia’s diplomatic relations with Taiwan after his demands for millions of dollars were rebuffed

President Yahya Jammeh’s decision to cut diplomatic ties with Taipei came as a surprise, according to Taipei’s diplomats. Other officials, however, believe the move was...


Jammeh tightens the screw

The President clamps down on the media, sacks officials and raises tension with Senegal but his US backing may be weakening

President Yahya Jammeh likes to be seen to be in charge, active and striking everywhere. This month alone he has sacked three ministers, while the former Chief Justice, Joseph Wowo...

Jammeh’s execution spree

What prompted President Yahya Jammeh to start eliminating all the residents of death row in Banjul’s infamous Mile Two Jail? Some attribute it to his heavy dependence on ‘spiritual...

Opposition poll boycott

After President Yahya Jammeh’s victory in November’s presidential poll surprised nobody, the parliamentary elections of 29 March were similarly predictable. Anticipating fraud, th...

Friends reunited?

Could President Yahya Jammeh, who has run one of the region’s most corrupt and brutal regimes since 1994, be planning to reopen diplomatic relations with Iran?

No freedom of the press

Although the President has consolidated his power, there is no let up in pressure on the media

The announcement by United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay on 9 February that Gambia’s putschist President Yahya Jammeh had requested UN assistance in the case of...

Fatou Bensouda

Chief Prosecutor, ICC

After heavy lobbying by the African Union, the International Criminal Court chose Fatou Bensouda of Gambia as the new ICC Chief Prosecutor. Her nine-year term begins in June, when ...

‘No monster’ Jammeh heads for victory

The President can rely on foreign friends and weak opponents to stay in power

Putschist President Yahya Jammeh will win re-election for the third time on 24 November at the head of his Alliance for Patriotic Reconciliation and Construction (APRC). He may wel...

Iranian guns and a king in Banjul

As he plans to install himself as monarch, President Jammeh has cut ties with Tehran over a mysterious arms shipment

None of the official explanations - from either Tehran or Banjul - of why Iran was sending arms to Gambia via Nigeria make any sense. Gambia's President Yahya Jammeh, who has run a...

Coups and cocaine

The enforced celebration of 'Freedom Day' on 22 July, the 16th anniversary of President Yahya Jammeh's coup, prompted protests by exiles and human rights groups, who say the regime...

Displaying 11-20 out of 48 results.