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Population: 2.72m
GDP: $2.69bn
Debt: 64.3% of GDP (2024)

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Are relations improving between Gambia and the Commonwealth? In 1995, the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group (CMAG) was set up to look at members' attitudes to democracy.

Death on the river

New troubles face President Yahya Jammeh following the shooting of 13 student demonstrators in early April (AC Vol 41 No 8). Opposition leader Oussainou Darboe was arrested on 21 J...

Students shot

Gambians are shocked by the killing of 14 people, mainly students, when security forces quelled demonstrations in Banjul on 10-11 April. It could be a turning point for President Y...

Friends of Sani

Who controls account No. J36650-70 at United Overseas Bank, 11 Quai des Bergues, Geneva? That is the issue in Gambia's latest scandal. Details of the private Swiss account emerged ...

No sanctions here

Donor pressure for democratisation is having only a limited impact

Possession seems to be nine-tenths of the law for Gambia's external partners. They have grown resigned to dealing with President Yahyah Jammeh since he converted his military regim...

'Corruption where it exists'

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund are looking closely at Gambian government finances and especially at June's mini-budget for the six months to December. The budget wa...

Miami vice

The seizure of two military helicopters on 30 August at Miami's international airport, stored on a plane about to take off for Banjul, has raised more suspicions about the use of G...

Dodging democracy

Having drawn up the rules, Captain Jammeh is to select his electoral opponents

Gambia's military rulers, like Nigeria's, appear to have got the better of the Commonwealth Ministerial Action Group and its attempts to encourage democracy and human rights. After...

Displaying 41-48 out of 48 results.