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Population: 53m
GDP: $74.94 bn.
Debt: $26.42 bn.

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A rope for Ruto

The suspension of Higher Education Minister William Ruto, 43, from cabinet on 19 October marks the second phase of the Kalenjin leader’s political isolation. Although State House s...

How Kibaki blocks the ICC

The International Criminal Court is blocked at every turn as it tries to investigate political violence

At last President Mwai Kibaki's bluff has been called. The pious hopes in his speech to the United Nations General Assembly last month about peace, democracy and development belie ...

A suspect at the parade

In one fell swoop, the Khartoum government strengthens President Omer el Beshir and undermines the Nairobi government’s new constitution

With arrest warrants for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity over his head, Sudan’s President Omer Hassan Ahmed el Beshir does not often get the chance to star in an i...

Turning a corner

Kenya is euphoric again. After barely averting civil war following the 2007 elections, the approval of a new constitution by referendum marks a dramatic turn in the country’s polit...

This time a peaceful vote

After a decisive referendum, Kenyans have a constitution that will shake up both the political system and the party fiefdoms

Kenyans voted overwhelmingly for the new constitution at the 4 August referendum. The process was orderly and voters turned out in impressive numbers to voice strong support for th...

Rumbles in the Rift

Such was the tension in the Rift Valley as the referendum neared that a drunken brawl in a shebeen in Nandi District between a Nandi man and his Kisii friend swiftly formed the cor...

More gluttony

An attempt by MPs to vote themselves a fat pay rise comes unstuck – the Treasury is running out of money

Last month’s vote by Kenyan members of parliament to augment their already handsome salaries is hitting political and financial roadblocks. Treasury officials say it is not afforda...

Mungiki’s new man

Maina Njenga’s evolution from gang leader to born-again Christian to aspiring candidate highlights the breakdown of Kenyan politics

The once unthinkable has happened: Maina Njenga, the much-feared leader of Kenya’s Mungiki militia, is carving out a new career as a mainstream politician. After his release from g...

Criminal business is big business

Mungiki started as a Kikuyu quasi-revivalist religious cult in the Rift Valley’s Laikipia District in the late 1980s. Many Mungiki members lost their land in the 1990s when Preside...

Displaying 321-330 out of 555 results.