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Population: 4.73 mn.
GDP: $2.16 bn.
Debt: 1.14 bn.

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More guns, please

President Charles Taylor in March 2003 told the press that Liberia had 'ordered arms'. Defence Minister Daniel Chea subsequently provided a 'comprehensive listing of military hardw...

Tackling Taylor

A battle is going on behind the scenes at the United Nations Security Council over whether to give sanctions on Liberia a wider regional focus. Key issues are whether Guinea should...

Augean audit

Plans to audit the shipping registry and timber industry are looking as murky as the subjects themselves. Global Witness has approached the auditors' London office asking to see th...

Paranoid or what?

International pressure upsets President Taylor but brings peace no nearer

With so many peace initiatives competing for the international community's scarce resources, Liberia's peace process needs to keep up its momentum, and President Charles Taylor's c...

Rebels without a plan

Guinean-backed rebels threaten Taylor and the UN is set to renew sanctions against him

A queue of enemies is closing in on President Charles Taylor, who is trying to see them off with fire-power and politics. As the veteran opposition leader Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, th...

UN gumshoes in Taylorland

President Charles Taylor, expecting United Nations sanctions against Liberia to be extended, despatched his skillful Foreign Minister, Monie Captan, to New York in late April to lo...

Old habits die hard

A damning new UN report accuses Charles Taylor's regime of keeping ties with the RUF and busting sanctions

Against all tradition, President Charles Taylor has turned taciturn. He and his advisors have made almost no denial of or other reaction to a long list of serious and well-document...

Flag-waving, gun-running, all the conveniences

Despite all its domestic troubles, Liberia is host to the world's second-largest maritime open-registry, better known as a flag of convenience. Until 1994, when it was overtaken by...

Cross-border crisis

Guinea and Sierra Leone are paying back the Taylor regime for its rebel sponsorship. But their operations could spin out of control

Self-proclaimed guerrilla maestro Charles Taylor is in a bind. The border wars between Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, stoked by the Liberian President, are rebounding on his gov...

Displaying 111-120 out of 139 results.