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Population: 5.56m
GDP: $4.75bn
Debt: 56.5% of GDP (2024)

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Stuck in the Mittal

A race between two brothers for a mammoth ore contract stirs political interest

The world's largest steel producer, Indian-owned Mittal Steel, claims it has won the concession to develop Liberia's iron ore mines in return for an investment package of US$900 mi...

Double Wamco

Six months before elections, ministers have signed a deal on a trade in banned diamonds

A secret deal signed in February by government ministers in Monrovia would give a mysterious mining company a ten-year monopoly on Liberia's diamond production, according to contra...

Warlord on the loose

Charles Taylor, Liberia's exiled warlord, stands accused of crimes across the region. A 30-page confidential report to the internationally financed Special Court in Sierra Leone al...

New model army

Africa Confidential has learned that California-based private military contractor DynCorp is about to be awarded a contract to restructure the Liberian national army. Industry sour...

No peace without justice

Freetown's war crimes court slowly establishes a precedent

While the spotlight shines on the trial of Slobodan Milosevic in the Hague and the indictment of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad, the trial of some of those deemed most responsible for S...

Silencing the guns

After the fund-raising conference in New York, the focus shifts to disarmament and political reconciliation

The United Nations and the United States have a mutual interest in trumpeting the prospects for peace in Liberia. With 15,000 troops - the biggest peacekeeping force in the world -...

Taylor's shadow

There is a new government but no real peace and far too few peacekeepers

Renewed fighting in Liberia's north-east Nimba County rings alarm bells across the region. Fingers are pointing at ousted President Charles Ghankay Taylor, now exiled in south-east...

Winkling out Taylor

A post-war era may have begun to take shape in Accra as Taylor dug his heels in

While delegates to the Ghana peace talks wrangled about how many vice presidents Liberia should have in a new interim government, President Charles Taylor still remained in Monrovi...

See you in court?

The death in custody of Revolutionary United Front leader Foday Sankoh on 29 July is the latest blow to the United Nations-backed Special Court's efforts to bring those most respon...

Abandoned children

As Nigerian units redeploy to Liberia from United Nations' peacekeeping duties in Freetown, child protection agencies are warning that severe funding shortfalls for long-term rehab...

Displaying 111-120 out of 155 results.