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Population: 4.73 mn.
GDP: $2.16 bn.
Debt: 1.14 bn.

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Cross-border crisis

Guinea and Sierra Leone are paying back the Taylor regime for its rebel sponsorship. But their operations could spin out of control

Self-proclaimed guerrilla maestro Charles Taylor is in a bind. The border wars between Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, stoked by the Liberian President, are rebounding on his gov...

Godfather to the rebels

Dealing with Charles Taylor is key to any peace settlement. The question is, how?

The latest spate of sabre rattling between Monrovia and Freetown signals the final unravelling of the Sierra Leone peace accord signed in Lomé last July. The governments of ...

Radio silence

President Charles Taylor's 15 March order closing down two independent radio stations - Swiss-funded Star Radio and the Catholic-run Radio Veritas - may be linked to embarrassing r...

Gerald's jeep

Britain's 23 July expulsion of senior Liberian diplomat Gerald Cooper is an early blow to President Charles Taylor's efforts to improve relations with the West.

Taylorland under siege

The victorious warlord hasn't made the transition to civilian politics

The voters’ mood, when they elected President Charles Taylor in July 1997, was summed up in a slogan: ‘He killed my ma, he killed my pa but I will vote for him!’....

Frequent flyers

The frequent visits of convicted fraudster Nico Shefer and Fred Rundle, former Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging spokesman, to President Charles Taylor in Monrovia have attracted the at...

West Africa, according to Mr Taylor

Charles Taylor and his ally, Burkina Faso's Blaise Compaoré, are undermining peace in the region – and they have more plans

Among others, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Britain and the United States believe Liberian President Charles Taylor has trained and armed the brutally effective rebels of Sierra Le...

Dokie's death

Who killed the former Deputy Speaker of Liberia's Transitional Assembly, Samuel Dokie, and his three travelling companions? The investigation into their murder and apparent torture...

Threatening 'good order'

Charles Taylor has been trying to raise funds and is planning a visit to the United States

Liberia's Police Director, Joe Tate, is on the warpath against those who threaten what he calls 'good order'. In an anti-crime drive, his policemen have shot dead several alleged a...

Taylor's stitches

Under President Charles Taylor, Liberia has quickly showed symptoms of instability. On 19 July, the day after voting, 'armed robbers' killed Christine Davis, a leading election wor...

Displaying 121-130 out of 140 results.