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Population: 13m
GDP: $9.27 bn.
Debt: $2.89 bn.

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Protectionism and patronage

A bid by President Muhammadu Buhari to stop the smuggling of rice and petrol is turning into a cross-border political fight

Ten months after its inauguration the new integrated frontier crossing between Nigeria and Benin at Sémé Kraké on the key Lagos-Cotonou corridor was closed to most trade on the ord...

A Talon for authoritarianism

President Patrice Talon continues to rebuff calls for a rerun of the 28 April parliamentary polls, which were marked by a meagre 23% turnout after opposition parties were excluded.

Talon turns back the clock

Banning opposition parties from contesting parliamentary elections is the latest episode in a presidential crackdown

After almost three decades as an admired pioneer of democratic freedom in francophone Africa, Benin has just conducted a parliamentary election from which all parties were excluded...

The shoo-in is booed off

The voters knew what they didn't want – the old President's placeman. But do they know what they are getting instead?

The winner of the presidential election, business tycoon Patrice Talon, remains a cipher as the impact of his unexpected victory sinks in and the public wonders what changes he may...

Zinsou stretches his lead

After less than a year in politics, the Premier looks the favourite to succeed Thomas Yayi Boni as President

Prime Minister only since May and widely viewed as a politically naive presidential protégé, Lionel Zinsou approaches the first round of voting in the presidential election on 6 Ma...

Stay on, moi?

After he made a host of startling coup plot accusations, some worry that President Thomas Yayi Boni may be displaying signs of paranoia. Since 2006, Benin has an enviable reputati...

Battle of the bankers

Two financial experts are duelling for the presidential election in April in a campaign that will focus on development issues

The two main contenders in April’s presidential election – both regional bankers – are evenly matched but for now the balance of support favours the incumbent, President Thomas Yay...

Banker for Benin

Abdoulaye Bio Tchané, the Governor of the regional Banque ouest-africaine de développement, this week officially launched his bid for April’s presidential election in Benin. This h...

Minority politics

President Yayi lacks a parliamentary majority and the skills to win over new supporters

In another desperate attempt to win over some opposition supporters to his ineffectual coalition, President Thomas Boni Yayi announced a ministerial reshuffle on 22 October. Yet th...

Displaying 11-20 out of 31 results.