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Population: 11.18 mn.
GDP: $9.27 bn.
Debt: $2.89 bn.

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Banker for Benin

Abdoulaye Bio Tchané, the Governor of the regional Banque ouest-africaine de développement, this week officially launched his bid for April’s presidential election in Benin. This h...

Minority politics

President Yayi lacks a parliamentary majority and the skills to win over new supporters

In another desperate attempt to win over some opposition supporters to his ineffectual coalition, President Thomas Boni Yayi announced a ministerial reshuffle on 22 October. Yet th...

Twilight of the chameleon

A clear and fairly clean win for Yayi Boni ends the Kérékou era

Intense pressure from domestic opinion and from the European Union - which threatened cuts in aid and promised US$4 million towards the $6 mn. election budget - persuaded President...

The old order please

Local elections may show how the land lies as parties prepare for the post-Kérékou era

With one eye to politics after President Mathieu Kérékou departs, a significant proportion of notables are standing in the country's first communal and municipal elec...

Whose masquerade?

The presidential election has turned to farce since two leading candidates pulled out of the second round of voting claiming fraud. President Mathieu Kérékou emerged ...

Kérékou, no coup

Despite economic woe, the Beninese may give President Kérékou yet another chance

Spiralling fuel price rises, a troublesome cotton privatisation and a strong whiff of institutional corruption mean President Mathieu Kérékou should worry about his r...

Watching and waiting

President Mathieu Kérékou has kept his head down amid celebrations of his overthrow ten years ago. His friends say he developed humility when he became a Catholic while out of offi...

Jet set and match

The latest leader to succumb to the need for personal air transport is President Mathieu Kérékou, who has secured three billion CFA francs to buy a second-hand person...

Cross-border crimes

As pressure mounts on Nigeria's military regime, Abacha tackles his border problems

Chairing the Economic Community of West African States has pushed the reclusive General Sani Abacha into the limelight with Nigeria's neighbours. None, perhaps, is more important t...

Displaying 11-20 out of 23 results.