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Population: 11.18 mn.
GDP: $9.27 bn.
Debt: $2.89 bn.

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Cross-border crimes

As pressure mounts on Nigeria's military regime, Abacha tackles his border problems

Chairing the Economic Community of West African States has pushed the reclusive General Sani Abacha into the limelight with Nigeria's neighbours. None, perhaps, is more important t...

General Chameleon

Minority parties helped return Kérékou to power with some help from his old friends

Mathieu Kérékou is back in power. Benin's electors preferred the strongman they once rejected to Nicéphore Soglo, the economic reformer whose policies brought them scant rewards. ...

Born-again poll

The prospect of former dictator Mathieu Kérékou returning to power as elected President worries those who argue that economic liberalisation must go hand-in-hand with democratisati...

Kérékou tries a comeback

A former dictator tries an electoral comeback in a test of Benin's democratic stamina

Next month's presidential election is important not just for the Beninese, who will give their verdict on five years of economic reform, but more widely as a test for multi-party d...

Displaying 21-24 out of 24 results.