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Population: 18.62 mn.
GDP: $6.3 bn.
Debt: $2.16 bn.

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Naming names

President Bakili Muluzi pleads for cancellation of Malawi's US$2.5 billion international debt. Meanwhile Parliament's Public Accounts Committee has described the embezzlement of mi...

Cautious in Malawi

Good land is scarce in Malawi and the best of it is occupied by settlers (often of South African origin) who produce the grain and the exports of tea and tobacco that keep the stru...

Close shave

After narrowly winning a second term, President Muluzi faces tough opponents

Close-run and bad-tempered, Malawi's 15 June elections have sparked off several street confrontations and plenty of litigation. However, President Bakili Muluzi looks set to ride t...

Muluzi's democracy test

Five years after the end of Banda's dicatorship, politics is at a crossroads

Malawi's second multi-party elections are set to be a close-run thing. President Bakili Muluzi's ruling United Democratic Front is neck and neck with the opposition alliance of Gw...

We split, they split

President Muluzi's coalition has broken up and so have the rival parties

Car crashes, corruption and conspiracies: President Bakili Muluzi's brave new Malawi looks too much like Kamuzu Hastings Banda's old one. Conspiracy theorists rarely allow politici...

Displaying 151-155 out of 155 results.