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Population: 23.38m
GDP: $11.24bn
Debt: 74.9% of GDP (2024)

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Winners and losers

The election has seriously weakened the UDF, although its candidate, Bingu wa Mutharika, won the presidency with 36 per cent of the vote. Over 20 cabinet ministers and senior UDF ...

Bingu the favourite

Opposition splits, not political merit, will help the UDF win the presidency –again

By most measures, the governing United Democratic Front (UDF)have little hope of winning the national elections on 18 May. President Bakili Muluzi's UDF government has presided ove...

Spot the difference

President Muluzi's legacy looks sadly like the late Dr Hastings Banda's

Facing polls in May, President Bakili Muluzi's United Democratic Front (UDF) is accused of the same offences as its autocratic predecessor under the late Kamuzu Hastings Banda (AC ...

Kidnapped I

Churches, the governing United Democratic Front, the United States' Save the Children Fund and the Muslim Association of Malawi were early casualties of Malawi's 'war on terrorism'...

Getting rid of Muluzi

The President can't stand for reelection but fears prosecution if he doesn't hold onto power

Nine years of multi-party politics after 30 years of dictatorship have tested the country's young democratic institutions. Two years of famine, a devastating HIV/AIDS epidemic and ...

Brown bounces back

Corruption, a coup plot, a third term and a new opposition

There's nothing like a coup plot to distract attention from political troubles. It is widely believed in Blantyre that last week's alleged putsch was not a coup plot at all. Revela...

Those fatal cars

Scandals are complicating the choice of a presidential candidate

The Mercs to Malawi affair - the purchase of 39 top-notch Mercedes-Benz limousines by President Bakili Muluzi's aid-dependent government - turned discontent into crisis. This has h...

In the running

The ruling United Democratic Front is struggling to pick its presidential candidate for 2004 and its continuity camp wants a third term for Bakili Muluzi, which would mean changing...

Displaying 151-160 out of 165 results.