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Population: 18.54 mn.
GDP: $15.29 bn.
Debt: $4.37 bn.

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Deals miss election deadline

The IMF sounded alarm bells over the sidelining of Finance Minister Coulibaly in late June after he opposed several rushed deals with Beijing

Uncertainty hangs over three controversial deals with China that President Dioncounda Traoré’s outgoing transitional government had hoped to conclude before the first ...

Intervention for the non-interventionists

They will not be involved in combat but Chinese troops will be joining the new peacekeeping force in Mali

China is sending troops to the new United Nations peacekeeping mission in Mali. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced in late June that it would dispatch its largest single co...

Not in our back yard

While Mali’s government is preoccupied with retaking the northern region occupied by Islamists and Tuareg rebels, Indian firm Sahara Mining is facing challenges of its own in Tienf...

China cool on intervention

Japan and India have pledged their support but China has legal – and ideological – doubts about the French response to the crisis

Japan promised US$120 million, India $101 mn. and China $1 mn. These headline pledges in emergency aid to Mali graphically illustrate Beijing’s unease at a crisis-management strate...

    Vol 53 No 25 |
  • MALI

Captain Sanogo strikes back

The putschists are spending more time shoring up their local power base than promoting the transition and the reunification of the country

The appearance of a shaken Prime Minister Cheick Modibo Diarra on state television just before dawn on 11 December proffering apologies to the Malian people along with his resignat...

    Vol 53 No 25 |
  • MALI

Ructions over reconquest plan

Growing divisions among Mali’s politicians and military, as well as among foreign powers, will delay plans for an internationally backed intervention to oust jihadists from the nor...

    Vol 53 No 22 |
  • MALI

Soldiers get ready

As Europe steps up offers of military training and equipment, and Algeria agrees to help, preparations intensify for Bamako’s march northwards

This week, teams of West African, African Union and United Nations military planners descended on Bamako to get an agreement from President Dioncounda Traoré’s government on a stra...

    Vol 53 No 20 |
  • MALI

Come if you must

There is next to no political consensus in Mali itself for military intervention, however much support the UN and Ecowas can muster

President Dioncounda Traoré’s formal request to the United Nations was clear. On 18 September, he asked for a resolution for military intervention, under Chapter 7 of the UN Charte...

    Vol 53 No 20 |
  • MALI

Mali a l’Amisom

Momentum is building for international backing for the proposed military intervention in Mali to expel the jihadists.

Dead preachers poser

The handling of the killing by Malian troops of 16 Islamic preachers, nine of them Mauritanian, threatens the delicate balance between the interim regime and the army, say Bamako s...

Displaying 81-90 out of 141 results.