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Population: 18.54 mn.
GDP: $15.29 bn.
Debt: $4.37 bn.

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The campaign stretches out

France commits to a long war just three months after launching its biggest military operation in Africa in 50 years

The official version is that France’s Mali operation has achieved all its objectives – the expulsion of jihadist forces from main northern towns and the destruction of several base...

Training regime

As the military operation in Mali continues, fresh complications arise. Early reports from the European trainers suggest that progress in restoring the discipline and effectiveness...

    Vol 54 No 4 |
  • MALI

Crisis in the command

Secret deals between army putschists and the jihadists threaten the military campaign as Bamako politicians demand retribution

The strange pact under which President Dioncounda Traoré appointed the serial putschist Captain Amadou Sanogo as head of the military reform committee in a grand ceremony in Bamako...

    Vol 54 No 4 |
  • MALI

Rocky road in the north

The war against the jihadists is winding into the Adrar des Ifoghas mountains on the Malian-Algerian border. Last week, French and Chadian forces retook Tessalit, some 90 kilometre...

Jihadists from Mali in Darfur

The arrival of the latest batch of foreign fighters complicates Khartoum’s tactical options

The Khartoum regime’s ties with Islamists in the region are under scrutiny again following the arrival in Darfur of jihadists retreating from the French military campaign in northe...

    Vol 54 No 3 |
  • MALI

The end of the beginning

Bamako and its allies may only be able to defeat the jihadists in the long run if they make concessions to the people of the north

The political questions facing Mali are more formidable than the diplomatic and logistical challenges facing France when it intervened on 11 January. After jihadists fled from Gao ...

    Vol 54 No 2 |
  • MALI

Taking the fight to the desert

For now, the region is cheering France’s launching of a war on many fronts against the jihadists although it is likely to drag on for many more months

As France pours men and money into the battle against jihadists, the contours of Mali’s crisis are rapidly changing. Bombing raids may have ended the militants’ hegemony over the p...

    Vol 54 No 1 |
  • MALI

Talk first, fight later

The Bamako government wants to use negotiations – and military muscle – to retake the northern provinces seized by jihadists

The grand plan for Mali’s army to wrest the northern provinces of Gao, Kidal and Timbuktu from jihadist militias is due to swing into operation in the second half of the year. It ...

    Vol 54 No 1 |
  • MALI

Django unchained

New Prime Minister Django Sissoko has started well, winning support for his government with his consensual style. A member of the nominated Transitional Assembly before his promoti...

Displaying 71-80 out of 141 results.