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Population: 29.67 mn.
GDP: $12.33 bn.
Debt: $12.01 bn.

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Holy days

A row over public holidays is being exploited by politicians and religious leaders

A bitter religious controversy has erupted as Mozambique's newly assertive Muslims flex their political muscles. President Joachim Chissano appears to be trying to delay signing a ...

A cloudy dawn

Bandits and corrupt politicians are more of a threat than guerrillas

From outside looking in, Mozambique seems a triumph of conflict resolution and reconciliation. A newly arrived diplomat like Britain's High Commissioner Bernard Everett can claim t...

Chimwenje or chimera?

A group of armed dissidents in the Manica region offer a helpful diversion to Harare

Reports that armed Zimbabwean dissidents are operating in Mozambique are being taken seriously by the authorities in Harare and Maputo. Both governments seems to lack reliable info...

Displaying 211-213 out of 213 results.