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Population: 32.07m
GDP: $15.78bn
Debt: 102.6% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Seconds out

Corruption is the issue for the ruling party's new presidential candidate

The suspense is over. Frelimo, the ruling party once known as the Frente de Libertação de Moçambique, has named Armando Guebuza as its Secretary General and pr...

Graça gets ready

Graça Machel's discreet campaign for the presidency gathers pace. We hear she failed to attend a meeting at the United Nations University for Peace of which she is Chancello...

Not so nutty

Cashew nuts are the biggest export after prawns and sugar is another rare money-spinner. The government wants to protect these industries; the World Bank and International Monetary...

Carlos Cardoso

The assassination of pioneering Mozambican journalist Carlos Cardoso in central Maputo on 22 November shows the growing threat to African reporters.

Still resisting

Post-war reconciliation looked shakier after clashes between the opposition Resistência Nacional Moçambicana and police on 9 November. More than 40 people died and ove...

Good-relief, debt-relief

Donors switch money into flood relief, the government is washed off economic course

Five years after having been the world's favourite basket case, Mozambique is trying hard to ensure the floods don't wash it off course (AC Vol 41 No 5). Five years of peace, good ...

Early warning

President Joaquim Chissano's new government in January included several tried and trusted ministers, whose experience has paid off in the flood disaster. The team at Foreign Affair...

Killer floods

The National Summit on Africa in Washington on 16-20 February attracted several star speakers, such as United States President Bill Clinton and Organisation of African Unity Secret...

Displaying 211-220 out of 232 results.