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Population: 29.67 mn.
GDP: $12.33 bn.
Debt: $12.01 bn.

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Good-relief, debt-relief

Donors switch money into flood relief, the government is washed off economic course

Five years after having been the world's favourite basket case, Mozambique is trying hard to ensure the floods don't wash it off course (AC Vol 41 No 5). Five years of peace, good ...

Early warning

President Joaquim Chissano's new government in January included several tried and trusted ministers, whose experience has paid off in the flood disaster. The team at Foreign Affair...

Killer floods

The National Summit on Africa in Washington on 16-20 February attracted several star speakers, such as United States President Bill Clinton and Organisation of African Unity Secret...

Falling out, falling in

The government is doing well but the opposition's problems are growing

After four years of startling growth, Mozambique is set to be the world's fastest growing economy this year (according to the Economist Intelligence Unit). Moreover, the presidenti...

Too close

His party won December's general elections comfortably but the surprise came when President Joaquim Chissano took only 52.29 per cent of the vote in the presidential poll while his...

Muddy votes

Politicians are scurrying to prepare for the country's second multi-party general elections: President Joaquim Chissano confirmed on 31 August that polling would take place on 3-4 ...

Chissano tastes success

As elections approach, the President is far more popular than his party

President Joaquim Chissano is determined to go to the polls before the end of the millennium, claiming most of the credit for Mozambique's reputation as Africa's new success story....

Talking gas

The prospect of gas, and of customers for it, has sparked a wave of exploration in Mozambique and helped boost two planned industrial corridors - from Beira along the old railway a...

Peace pains

Local elections will help democracy as the economy booms - amid high unemployment

The electoral register is complete, the campaign has opened and the municipal elections due on 29 May should signal another step in the transition to normality. Once dismissed abro...

Blanchard's beach

The once-socialist government of Mozambique has made what may be the world's most extreme privatisation agreement. It is handing over the development of a region as large as Israel...

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