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Population: 213.4m
GDP: $440.8bn
Debt: 38.6% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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After Tinubu opened Pandora's Box

The President's policy experiments – on subsidies, the naira and the military – have raised questions about his ministerial team

A mass of contradictory signals greeted Bola Ahmed Tinubu's first hundred days in the presidency on 6 September. The day before, the National Labour Congress had called on its memb...

Pushback tests Tinubu's tilt to the market

Anger on the streets is mounting in the wake of spiralling food and fuel

Hailed by bankers and foreign investors, President Bola Tinubu's decisions to end fuel subsidies and float the naira have collided with reality. The measures are fuelling the highe...

Naira politics rules – but the pace picks up

Federal lawmakers jostle to run the most lucrative committees in Abuja as accountability plummets

Nigerians are eagerly waiting to see President Bola Ahmed Tinubu's choice of ministers, likely to be announced in the next days, but he has already made many of key decisions that ...

Tinubu's team looks for shock absorbers

Having chosen to push through radical reforms in the government's first weeks, officials are scrambling to address the political consequences

After the policy advisors around President Bola Ahmed Tinubu backed a shock therapy approach to ending fuel subsidies and floating the naira, their next priority is to cushion the ...

Displaying 11-20 out of 744 results.