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Population: 227.71m
GDP: $252.74bn
Debt: 46.6% of GDP (2024)

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Tinubu's last trick: from godfather to Kabiyesi

Opposition contenders question the ruling party candidate's victory in elections marred by technical failures, sporadic violence and a historically low turnout

The next act of Nigeria's presidential election drama has started with fire and fury. At one end of the stage stands the official winner, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, whose victory was annou...

A high turnout will shake up national politics

Peter Obi easily wins the opinion polls but the elections on the ground are still wide open

If many of the local and international opinion polls on Nigeria's presidential elections on 25 February prove accurate, then Peter Obi, the multi-millionaire banker standing on the...

Court tells HYPREP to come clean

A Federal High Court in Nigeria has ordered the government's flagship environmental remediation agency to stop work and publish its accounts.

The naira republic's banknote crisis hurts (almost) everyone

Campaigners for the ruling party's presidential candidate accuse the central bank of sabotage days ahead of the election

A desperate scarcity of banknotes and fuel are adding a final note of drama to what looks like the most open election ever in Nigeria. Whatever the merits of his eight-year rule, P...


Shell takes hard line on oil-spill case

The latest round of litigation on pollution in the Niger Delta sees Shell digging in its heels and denying any legal responsibility

The London-based law firm Leigh Day is pushing ahead with a case in the London High Court on behalf of members of the Ogale and Bille communities in the Niger Delta who are demandi...

Economic woes test voter loyalties

Facing chronic fuel shortages and a contentious reissue of the national currency, politicians search for targets to blame

The country's economic emergency in all its facets – chronic fuel shortage, protests against a politicised redesign and reissue of the naira, and the threat of ballooning national ...

Displaying 61-70 out of 768 results.