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Population: 12.21 mn.
GDP: $9.14 bn.
Debt: $3.34 bn.

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Arusha verdicts

After four years of existence, the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda has reached its first two verdicts. On 2 September in Arusha it found Jean-Paul Akayezu, a former Mayo...

North-west nightmare

Human rights come a bleak second as the army takes on the rebels

United Nations' human rights staff are packing their bags following the government's categorical refusal to allow rights monitoring as part of the UN brief. Talks with a top-level ...

Murder again

Seth Sendashonga was shot dead on 16 May while leaving a United Nations building in Nairobi. His family says the Kigali government organised his killing. Kenyan police, however, pi...

Legacy of war

Kigali's intervention in Zaïre helped to oust Mobutu but produced no victories at home

The transformation of old Zaïre in to the new Democratic Republic of Congo has also transformed the politics of the region around Lake Kivu. Yet insecurity remains endemic and...

Genocide denial

Africa Direct, a London-based organisation campaigning against the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal on Rwanda (AC Vol 38 No 12), is holding a conference entitled 'Rwa...

The Zaïre effect

The war in Zaïre has brought more violence to Rwanda: some 600,000 Hutu fled home, among them many Interahamwé and former Rwandan troops. The killing goes on: people ta...

The king speaks out

Paul Kagamé has to watch the monarchists – now they are turning against him

Support for the government is shrinking as regional instability grows. After a wave of Hutu defections in the past year, there are signs of growing Tutsi disaffection. Tutsi form t...

Lessons not learned

A new report explaining why aid agencies fail in emergencies may still not help Burundi

Reluctance to act on clear warning signs of a catastrophe in Rwanda and a lack of political will by United Nations members are to blame for international donors' failure to stem th...

Battling for reconciliation

The new Front Patriotique Rwandais government is in danger of squandering the goodwill it had won after its military defeat of those forces, such as the Interahamwé , responsible ...

Displaying 131-139 out of 139 results.