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Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

Population: 8.42m
GDP: $4.042bn
Debt: 78.1% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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No surrender, no deal

President Kabbah has narrowly missed being overthrown again and still lacks a political strategy to deal with the

Prospects for a political solution to Sierra Leone’s rebel war seem to have perished along with the more than 2,000 civilians officially reckoned to have been killed in the Revol...

West Africa, according to Mr Taylor

Charles Taylor and his ally, Burkina Faso's Blaise Compaoré, are undermining peace in the region – and they have more plans

Among others, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Britain and the United States believe Liberian President Charles Taylor has trained and armed the brutally effective rebels of Sierra Le...

Rebel terror

The Revolutionary United Front rebels and the remnants of the deposed military junta are bringing their terror campaign towards Freetown again. They are now striking along a 200 mi...

Militias and market forces

Undaunted by Western political opposition and Africa's rebel militias, the private armies are expanding their portfolios

Private military companies are stronger than ever in Africa, six months after the political row over the relations between Sandline and British officials (AC Vol 39 No 11). Yet the...

Rebels and revenge

In Sierra Leone’s far interior - including Koinadugu district, with some diamond and gold deposits - the remains of the ousted Armed Forces Ruling Council/Revolutionary United Fron...

Private armies, public relations

Awkward questions are being asked about private security companies' growing power

Underlying the political storm in London about the ‘Arms to Sierra Leone’ affair (AC Vol 39 No 10) is a central question about the privatisation of British foreign poli...

Buckingham's gate

Less well known but critical to Buckingham's African empire are his extensive interests in Namibia, where he's had close connections with influential politicians since the early 19...

The Freetown fall-out

Politicians, civil servants and security men slug it out in a Whitehall row as the desperate plight of Sierra Leone comes a poor second

Bafflement and disgust are the main reactions in Freetown to the row that has blown up in Britain about President Ahmed Tejan Kabbah's hiring of London-based security outfit Sandli...

Lines in the sand

The Sierra Leone imbroglio casts more light on the web of security companies and mining houses associated with Sandline International and Executive Outcomes. It has focused attenti...

Freetown fracas

The Nigerian-led ousting of Major Johnny- Paul Koroma’s Freetown junta raises awkward questions for Whitehall’s proclaimed ethical foreign policy and its ban on militar...

Displaying 171-180 out of 200 results.