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Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

Population: 8.42m
GDP: $4.042bn
Debt: 78.1% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Godfather to the rebels

Dealing with Charles Taylor is key to any peace settlement. The question is, how?

The latest spate of sabre rattling between Monrovia and Freetown signals the final unravelling of the Sierra Leone peace accord signed in Lomé last July. The governments of ...

Moving the mandate

The credibility of the UN and British missions depends on the contest between around 25,000 Sierra Leonean fighters

The future of President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah's government and of the United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone (Unamsil) rests on a hastily constructed security pyramid. At its apex are...

Kabbah, the survivor

Sankoh's absence - even if temporary - boosts Kabbah but the soldiers manoevre

The arrest and detention on 19 May of Corporal Foday Sankoh, leader of the Revolutionary United Front, strengthened President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah's weak and too conciliatory governm...

Mission leap

Britain's military and diplomatic mission in Sierra Leone is leaping rather than creeping. Among members of parliament from the ruling Labour Party side (and their Liberal Democrat...

The battle for Freetown

A rebel takeover of the capital would be an irreversible defeat for UN peacekeeping and British policy

The next few weeks will be critical for Sierra Leoneans and, more widely, for peacekeeping missions across Africa. Much will depend on the defence of Freetown mounted by United Nat...

Radio silence

President Charles Taylor's 15 March order closing down two independent radio stations - Swiss-funded Star Radio and the Catholic-run Radio Veritas - may be linked to embarrassing r...

Problematic peace

Charles Taylor's support is critical to end the war – the other problem is lack of finance

As battle-hardened rebels saunter into Freetown, guns slung over their shoulders, Sierra Leoneans are arguing about the price of their hoped for peace. A month after the 7 July pe...

A deal in Lomé

The RUF negotiates its way into government after eight years of brutal warfare

Sierra Leoneans reacted with a mix of relief and scepticism following the signing of the Lomé peace deal on 7 July which brings Corporal Foday Sankoh's Revolutionary United ...

Forced to talk

Weaknesses on both sides may just offer a chance of serious negotiations on power-sharing and amnesty (AC Vol 40 No 6) as talks between President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah and Corporal Fo...

Leaving for Lomé

Foreign pressure is growing for President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah to start substantive negotiations with the Revolutionary United Front. Even Kabbah’s closest backers question his grip ...

Displaying 161-170 out of 200 results.