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Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

Population: 8.42m
GDP: $4.042bn
Debt: 78.1% of GDP (2023 forecast)

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Cabinet making

President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah has kept his supporters close about him in a new 22-member cabinet that shuffles posts but makes no real changes. Past efforts to include the Revolutio...

Polling in peace

The 14 May presidential and parliamentary elections were lauded as the most peaceful in four decades but political problems loom.

Heading for the door

Problems with the election timetable and organisation undermine the huge peacekeeping mission

President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah seems sure to win Sierra Leone's presidential election on 14 May. He has support from Sierra Leoneans relieved that peace has come at last and from an ...

Whose best friend?

The slaughter in Sierra Leone was mainly about resources and most people's lack of them. For decades, the Freetown elite and its foreign friends kept the spoils of the diamond busi...

Precarious calm

The fighters are disarming and demobilising fast but the much tougher job of building the peace remains to be done

Has Sierra Leone's war run out of steam? Many rebel fighters, as well as their opponents, want a break, if not an end to the war. Their warlord commanders, inside and outside the c...

Minimal contracts

Ukrainian businessman Leonid Minin, named by Africa Confidential and the United Nations sanctions committee as a leading arms supplier to the Revolutionary United Front, was rearre...

The cost of Kabbah

Putting off elections for six months is delaying the evil day

That consummate survivor President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah has done it again. He has persuaded parliament, if not the voters, that his increasingly unpopular government should be given ...

Bringing back the British

Critically dependent on UN and British military support, President Kabbah's government is facing growing civilian opposition

Desperation and nostalgia help explain why more than 5,000 Sierra Leoneans crowded in to the National Stadium in Freetown on 23 November to show their support for British soldiers ...

Kabbah in court

Belgium's Chatelet Investment Company is suing the government in the first such case in a local court. Its lawyers, Banda Thomas and Co., appeared before High Court Justice Joe Mas...

Displaying 151-160 out of 200 results.