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Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

Population: 7.56 mn.
GDP: $3.77 bn.
Debt: $1.73 bn.

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Bah humbug

After Africa Confidential had revealed that Ibrahima Bah, a warlord in Sierra Leone’s civil war now under United Nations’ sanctions, was living unmolested in Freetown, ...

Impunity in Freetown

An arms and gem dealer for the civil war militias lives openly in the capital with apparent government approval and in defiance of UN sanctions

Africa Confidential has discovered the whereabouts of one of the key financiers and middlemen who worked for the Liberian ex-President and convicted war criminal, Charles Taylor, d...

Not an honorary consul

The Italian businessman who claims to have been cheated by Ibrahima Bah over gold deals, Vittorio Narciso Ruello, made other interesting connections through Bah in the region. In 2...

Groans about growth

The increasing flow of ore exports is good for foreign companies and GDP figures but government revenue from mining is low and poorly handled

Last year was not the year it was meant to be for Sierra Leone’s economy. The International Monetary Fund initially predicted growth at a staggering 51.4%. As the months passed, th...

Trouble in the hills

Social tension has twice erupted into violence around African Minerals Limited’s Tonkolili mine. In late 2010, AML caused alarm when it started to build a dam on a plot of land out...

Unhealthy finances

The Anti-Corruption Commission charged 29 officials, most of them in connection with over US$1 million from the Global Alliance for Vaccinations and Immunisations that went missing...

Loyalty rewarded

Only several months after President Ernest Bai Koroma’s re-election are the winners and losers in the post-electoral division of spoils becoming clear. Most prominent among them is...

Funds query for Bangura

‘Serious concerns’ about the management of funds granted by the Global Alliance for Vaccinations and Immunisations (GAVI) to a health programme in Sierra Leone is causing embarrass...

Displaying 51-60 out of 184 results.