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South Africa

South Africa

Population: 56.72 mn.
GDP: $395.42 bn.
Debt: $176.33 bn.

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High unit costs

The police Special Investigations Unit, which will gather evidence for President Jacob Zuma's new board of inquiry into the 1999 multibillion-rand arms deal, may now produce result...

Selling the state

Politicians, trades unionists and business people join battle for control of the state-owned companies

As budgetary pressures and unemployment mount, the government faces a dilemma over how to reform its state-owned enterprises. Business interests and some cash-strapped ministries e...

The Gordhan knot

A mix of principled ideological differences, intra-party rivalries and commercial interests are stalling efforts by government and the African National Congress to reform state-own...

The gloves are off

Julius Malema will fight his five-year suspension – under which he retains the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) Presidency – with an appeal which he plans to take to ...

Malema and Zuma mass their armies

Presidential friends and foes are keenly purging their factions and reaching for every weapon at hand

Fierce purges are under way in the governing African National Congress and its affiliates, paralysing the government and the organisations themselves. The clean-outs are reciprocal...

Storm over SA mercenaries in Libya

Ex-soldiers and police officers recruited in Cape Town helped some of Gadaffi’s family escape to Algeria but another team was less successful

Two teams of South African mercenaries are believed to have helped members of the Gadaffi family to escape from Libya and may have tried to save the late Libyan leader, Moammar el ...

Foreign policy aid

South Africa is nearly ready to launch an international aid agency to advance its strategic foreign policy goals. The South African Development Partnership Agency (SADPA) will be p...

The fight of the century

Zuma and Malema are marshalling their forces for a showdown. Even a probe into ‘the arms deal’ is involved

President Jacob Zuma’s mid-September decision to form a commission of inquiry into the controversial arms deal of the late 1990s is being widely seen as an attempt to forestall the...

Disrespect for the President

Disciplining Julius Malema is only part of Zuma’s effort to reassert his control of the ANC and win re-election as President

True to form, President Jacob Zuma acted decisively only when his personal position as leader of the African National Congress came under threat. He wants Julius Malema, President ...

Suddenly, the nationalisation talk gets serious

The President and his business friends will have to make concessions to the growing calls for more state ownership

Nationalisation of the country’s mines, banks and land is under serious consideration by the governing African National Congress and not only because of the populist calls for it f...

Displaying 381-390 out of 768 results.