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Population: 1.37 mn.
GDP: $4.41 bn.
Debt: $0.65 bn.

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Mswati III

King of Swaziland

Of Taiwan's four African allies, the staunchest has been Swaziland. At independence from Britain in 1968, King Sobhuza II declared allegiance to Taipei. Despite China's rise in ...

Democracy's a luxury

The economy is failing and running out of food as King Mswati buys a $500,000 limousine

Swaziland has become synonymous with royal extravagance, in an absolute monarchy whose sovereigns have long resisted local and international pressure for democracy. The ruling clas...

King and pawns

Absolute monarchy may be benign but donors and neighbours don't like it

One of Africa's most traditional states may be in for the shock of a modern constitution. As pressure for change builds up both at home and abroad, a committee headed by Prince Dav...

High price of kingship

Politics get complicated when an absolute monarch changes his mind

King Mswati III vies for the title of Africa's last absolute monarch with Mohammed VI of Morocco. Mswati is the more absolutist but his standing is falling so fast that some say th...

King's move

The political relaunch of a former Prime Minister, Obed Dlamini, could revive the antimonarchist opposition. This has been marking time since the 70,000-strong Swaziland Federation...

Militants and monarchs

Two troubled kingdoms have embroiled South Africa in some messy power-broking

Pretoria’s African National Congress government finally lost its diplomatic virginity with the deployment of 600 South African soldiers in the early hours of 22 September to put do...

King to move

The opposition to King Mswati’s traditional government is split – and losing hope

The trades union movement has tried and failed to bring down the government of King Mswati III. Jan Sithole, Secretary General of the Swaziland Federation of Trade Unions, called a...

Mswati mobilises

Dislodging King Mswati III and his followers from their present monopoly of power is proving to be long and difficult. The Constitutional Review Commission, appointed in August 199...

King size

Another battle between reformers and traditionalists looms (AC Vol 37 No 13), with trades unions threatening a general strike for 3 February. They are pushing 27 demands, mostimpor...

King's pawns 

The monarch is trying to manage change before it moves too fast for him and his court 

The Royal Cattle Byre at Ludzidzini had never seen anything like it. On the sacred site where the kings of Swaziland have since time immemorial listened to their people's views and...

Displaying 11-20 out of 21 results.