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Population: 57.31 mn.
GDP: $52.09 bn.
Debt: $18.24 bn.

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Protection in the arms bazaar

A plea bargain deal in the UK and USA has set back investigations into arms trade crookery in South Africa and Tanzania

The US$450 million in fines that BAE Systems agreed to pay on 5 February to halt investigations into corrupt payments on arms deals adds to its financial woes. And it covers only p...

Choose your poison

The shadowy joint venture between Angola's state-owned oil company and the nebulous China International Fund has reached a new stumbling block in its three-year-old pursuit of a ...

RITES not right

The renovation of Tanzania’s dilapidated railways stalls due to a dispute between the government and its Indian partners

The Rail India Technical and Economic Services buyout of 51% of Tanzania’s national railway company is set to collapse this month. In March 2006, RITES agreed to buy part of the ...

Untoward Indian tillers

A US$40 million concessionary loan from the Indian government is mired in delays, a legal review and accusations of corruption. Moreover, the mix of army-owned enterprises, tied ...

Tarnished halo

This once-favoured destination for aid and investment is now struggling with financial scandals and budget shortfalls

The sheen is wearing off Tanzania's image as the friendliest East African country for investors and foreign aid agencies. Politics in the lead up to next year's legislative and pre...

Banking on it

The credibility of the Tanzanian government's reform drive depends mostly on the Governor of the Bank of Tanzania, Benno Ndulu. The country is suffering both from a financial meltd...

Kikwete's bailout package

Tanzania, the second largest of the big-three members of the East African Community, has presented a budget with a bullish message designed to spend its way out of the global econo...

Guards for sale

Young Tanzanians conscripted for their military National Service may find themselves doing commercial security work. The government says it wants to reduce youth unemployment and i...

The next great land sale

Seoul is trying to buy into Tanzania's farm sector shortly after Daewoo precipitated a political confrontation over the same issue in Madagascar

South Korea is desperately trying to manage the political fallout as it negotiates the acquisition of 100,000 hectares of farmland with the Tanzanian government. It is trying to ...

Corruption credentials

Tanzania’s judges have piles of files to read over the Christmas holiday. A flurry of former ministers, high-profile businessmen and ex-employees of the Bank of Tanzania (BoT) were...

Displaying 91-100 out of 150 results.