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Population: 7.6 mn.
GDP: $4.4 bn.
Debt: $1.17 bn.

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Free radicals

Opposition politicians seeking an explanation for the continuing grip on power of some of the more authoritarian Francophone leaders may find guidance from the Nu Health Clinic in ...

    Vol 38 No 11 |
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Guides together

Soldiers from Togo proved useless when sent to fight for Marshal Mobutu Sese Seko (who was a guest of the Presidency in Lomé after his fall). Perhaps mindful of Mobutu's fat...

    Vol 38 No 3 |
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Still at the helm

Eyadéma celebrated 30 years in charge but few foreign guests came to the party

The 'Great Helmsman' celebrated his 30th year at the tiller on 13 January with a five-hour parade of troops and civilians costing, by local estimates, over US$2 million. Only press...

    Vol 37 No 18 |
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The boss is back

President Eyadèma has picked a new premier and is planning his own re-election

The one-party state is back in Togo. The resignation of Prime Minister Edem Kodjo on 19 August puts President Gnassingbé Eyadèma back in control, after dividing the o...

Displaying 31-34 out of 34 results.