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Population: 42.86
GDP: $25.89 bn.
Debt: $11.19 bn.

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Pass the ammunition

President Yoweri Museveni's government in Kampala remains locked in a bloody counterinsurgency campaign against the Lord's Resistance Army, a fierce and brutal pseudo-Christian cul...

Now for the contest

Museveni wants many parties, as long as his own provides the president

Months after it was due, a new phase of Ugandan politics began on 21 September, when Hajat Janat Mukwaya, Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, set out the government's v...

People's power

President Museveni's third term bid is splitting the governing party he so patiently built

The desire to stay in power for a third term could prove the chink in President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni's well-maintained armour. It has divided his National Resistance Movement as ...

The LRA fights on

After a brief rest, the Lord's Resistance Army under Joseph Kony has slaughtered more defenceless civilians in displaced camps in northern Uganda. In Pagak on 16 May, the rebels cl...

The family khaki

Despite his retirement from the army, President Museveni is closer to the military than ever

When President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni retired from the army on 6 April, 18 years after his National Resistance Army seized power, his promotion to full general that day was taken a...

Double war

Rebel massacres and party activists are shaking the National Resistance Movement's political dominance

As pressure mounts on President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to leave power by 2006 at the end of his second elected term, both the military war in the north and the political war in the...

Military muscle, political problems

The government's failure to end the LRA's brutal campaign points to a growing national crisis

After 18 years of the Lord's Resistance Army's murderous attacks on civilians, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni declares on 14 November that the LRA is 'nearly finished' ­ then...

Colonel Kizza's story

In exile after claiming to have been targeted by government assassins, Colonel Kizza Besigye remains the opposition's most credible flagbearer. His strength is that he was for year...

In come the vigilantes

The 'Arrow Boys' are doing better than the army in the war against the LRA

The advance of Joseph Kony's dreaded Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) towards Soroti, the main town of eastern Teso region, has shocked the government and caught the army by surprise. ...

Model reformer stumbles

Uganda may be faltering as a model reformer but Western states and multilateral organisations still pay most of its bills: about 55 per cent of the national budget in the 2002-03 f...

Displaying 151-160 out of 199 results.