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Population: 42.86
GDP: $25.89 bn.
Debt: $11.19 bn.

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Power at a price

Museveni’s victory was the result of astute tactics, state funding and a divided and despondent opposition

Uganda faces a harsh economic hangover because so many state resources were used to win a decisive victory for President Yoweri Museveni, 67, in 18 February’s elections. Museve...

Cairo tactics

The biggest excitement in the 18 February presidential and parliamentary elections is the electoral arithmetic (AC Vol 51 No 1). Presidential challenger Kizza Besigye will never ha...

He’s back on top again

President Museveni seems set for another win but with a stronger, more fractious parliament and the usual oil problems

The opposition parties have neither the will nor the capacity seriously to challenge President Yoweri Museveni’s government in the elections due in mid-February. Yet the opposition...

Oil to play for

More than a billion barrels of oil under Lake Albert may help transform the country’s economy but will not determine outcome of the 2011 elections

The tussle between the government and the oil companies wanting to exploit Lake Albert’s oil fields has hit deadlock over US$404 million which the government says is owed in capita...

The bout begins

The shadow-boxing is at an end. Uganda has its eight candidates for the 18 February presidential election after two fraught days of nominations at Namboole Stadium in Kampala on 26...

Four and not out

President Yoweri Museveni will run for a fourth term after the ruling National Resistance Movement elected him as its candidate – unopposed – on 12 September. The NRM primaries hel...

Otunnu objects

With only six months before Ugandans go to the polls, opposition parties are mired in disagreement after Olara Otunnu made a bid to undermine attempts to field a unity candidate in...

Displaying 71-80 out of 196 results.