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Population: 16.48m
GDP: $34.41bn
Debt: 98.5% of GDP (2024)

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A pause in economic progress

The early economic successes of the power-sharing government are sputtering (AC Vol 52 No 25). A decade after the land reform battles, agriculture will be the main source of growth...

The takeovers will buy votes

Ahead of national elections in March 2013, Indigenisation Minister Kasukuwere targets Chinese companies to raise funds for ZANU-PF’s campaign team

In papers submitted to the High Court for yet another extension on setting by-elections in late September, President Robert Mugabe gave an effective commitment to general elections...

CIF starts work in Zimbabwe

State media proclaimed in mid-September that China International Fund was to begin building some of the infrastructure that it promised in late 2009 (AAC Vol 3 No 2). Since its arr...

Welshman Ncube

Minister of Industry and Commerce, Zimbabwe

Industry and Commerce Minister Welshman Ncube appears to have cleared the hurdles blocking the rehabilitation of the Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company. India's Essar Africa Holdings ...

Missing the sparklers

Disappearing diamond revenue is slowing economic growth and enriching illicit networks at the interstices of India-Zimbabwe trade

Disappointing diamond revenues and other factors forced Finance Minister Tendai Biti to slash predictions for Zimbabwe’s gross domestic product growth in 2012 from the expected 9.4...

Diamonds give you wings

Anjin Investments is attracting even more attention from the authorities after a Global Witness report released in late June highlighted the company’s links to the security service...

Parting gifts

As new national elections loom, both parties in Zimbabwe’s coalition government are building stronger ties with Beijing

China’s new Ambassador Lin Lin takes up his post in Harare this month. Ambassador Lin follows the outgoing Xin Shunkang, who completed a highly successful two-and-a-half-year tour ...

Steel while the iron is hot

Essar’s investment in the former ZISCO operations have slowed again as negotiations over access to mining rights delay development

Essar’s deal for rehabilitating NewZim Steel (formerly the Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company) is teetering on the brink of collapse.

Displaying 231-240 out of 592 results.