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Patrick  Chinamasa

Patrick Chinamasa

Date of Birth: 25/01/1947
Place of Birth: Southern Rhodesia

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A martial mind-set

Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa has announced an increase in funding for Command Agriculture, which brings small-scale agriculture under the control of the military (AC Vol 58 No 4, ZANU-PF digs for votes & Vol 58 No 13, Trafigura aims for gas prize)...

Destruction in his wake

Mnangagwa's appointment of Patrick Chinamasa as interim Finance Minister to replace Ignatius Chombo, now in detention on corruption charges after $10 million was found in his house, points to urgent efforts to raise foreign funds...

The crocodile snaps back

• Tuesday, 7 November: Mugabe widens the purge and sacks three ministers and Mnangagwa allies: Cyber-Security Minister Patrick Chinamasa, Environment Minister Oppah Muchinguri and Minister of State in the President's Office, Chris Mushohwe...


Mystery of the missing mine profits

The Auditor General has repeatedly raised red flags with Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa about ZMDC's funding and its mysterious joint ventures with a plethora of companies based in China, in South Africa, and offshore in Mauritius and the British Virgin Islands...

Mugabe the juggler

Meanwhile, Mnangagwa tries to buttress his position through his alliance with the Finance Minister, Patrick Chinamasa, who would pull off an impressive coup if he could bring to fruition the plan devised at the International Monetary Fund meetings in Lima, Peru, in 2015 to reschedule US$1...


Inflation fears are back

The Finance and Economic Development Minister, Patrick Chinamasa, admitted in Parliament last month that the government was printing money and funding state employees' salaries through the RTGS...

ZANU-PF digs for votes

Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa had to waive import duty and levies on fuel used at Dema in order to reduce the final tariff...

Fears of a great unravelling

On 8 September, Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa set out the grim facts underlying the decline: he forecast economic growth of just over 1% in aggregate this year...


Displaying 1-10 out of 81 results.