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Constantino Guveya Dominic Nyikadzino Chiwenga

Date of Birth: 25 August 1956
Place of Birth: Wedza (Hwedza)

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The hand of Lucifer

The executive apex At the apex of power in Zimbabwe is a civilian-military alliance: President Mugabe who consults with his military commanders on most critical national and regional issues; Mnanagagwa who maintains a key security role (he has kept his intelligence network from his time as Security Minister in the 1980s) despite being appointed speaker of parliament; commander of the defence forces Vitalis Zvinavashe; Army Commander Lieutenant General Constantine Chiwenga; and Air Force Commander Air Marshal Perence Shiri (AC Vol 41 No 22)...

Military minders

Constantine Chiwenga (Zezuru) is a respected former liberation fighter but is said to lack Shiri's ruthlessness and so is not regarded as a contender for ZDF Commander...

Multi-party Mugabe

Constantine Chiwenga report directly to Mugabe while Mahachi shoulders the blame for mistakes such as Zimbabwe's strategy in Congo-Kinshasa (AC Vol 41 No 12)...

Counting allies

The Chief of Staff Vitalis Zvinavashe is Karanga but directly controls no soldiers; army commander Constantine Chiwenga and air force commander Perrence Shiri are Mugabe men...

No news, good news

Others from Chikomba include Charles Utete Chief Secretary to the President; Lieutenant General Constantine Chiwenga army commander; and his predecessor Solomon Mujuru now MP for Chikomba...

Displaying 81-87 out of 87 results.