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Omar Bongo Ondimba (Le Grand Camarade)

Date of Birth: 30 December 1935
Place of Birth: Lewai
Died: 8 June 2009

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Spiralling serpents

President Omar Bongo Ondimba’s anti-corruption drive has produced unexpected results...

The cracks spread

Khartoum also announced that in Japan Omer had told Gabonese President Haj Omar Bongo Ondimba who presided over March’s Dakar Agreement between Khartoum and Ndjamena that Sudan had ‘no interest in feuding with Chad’...

Politique a l'Americaine

Oppositionists were bewildered when Pierre Mamboundou the only opposition politician with a credible following agreed to join a future government under President Omar Bongo Ondimba...

Jollies and jets

It seems that Gabon's President Omar Bongo Ondimba whom Kufuor met at the Independence celebrations at Libreville last year strongly recommended the Dassault...

A slow road to travel

GABON: Having held power in Gabon for 40 years President El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba will not change course in 2008: the kleptocracy and the monopoly of power by the presidential circle will continue...

    Vol 1 (AAC) No 7 |

Chips off the old block

Gabon's political elite including President El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba his son and Defence Minister Ali-Ben Bongo and Forestry Minister Emile Doumba are all forestry concessionaires along with major timber traders from Asia...

    Vol 1 (AAC) No 4 |

Jean Ping

The career of Gabon’s consummate diplomat owes its success less to the impact he made as President of the United Nations General Assembly in September 2004-05 than his accomplishments as head of cabinet to the country’s veteran President El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba in 1984-90...

Displaying 61-70 out of 189 results.