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United States of America

Richard Bruce Cheney (Dick)

Date of Birth: 30 January 1941
Place of Birth: Lincoln, Nebraska

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Stuck again

Bush's government include Vice-President Dick Cheney...

Après Moi, maybe

The same talk haunted Moi during an unhappy visit to Washington last month when a tidy exit was the unspoken assumption in a 30-minute meeting with Vice-President Dick Cheney and a drop-by' with President George W...

Congo imbroglio

Bush and his deputy Dick Cheney are close to US oil interests and their pro-Angola policy...

Revolving doors

Halliburton the former company of Vice-President-elect Richard Cheney has $350 million in loan guarantees by the United States government through the Exim Bank for work in Angola where it has six offices and works with Chevron on whose board sits the new National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice...

Displaying 21-25 out of 25 results.