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General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (IBB)

Date of Birth: 17 August 1941
Place of Birth: Minna, Niger State

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It's the economy

Ibrahim Babangida’s regime) and the Chief of General Staff Vice-Admiral Mike Akhigbe...

    Vol 40 No 1 |

Africa scrambles for Africa

Headquartered in Lagos then Abuja Ecowas was always seen by Francophone states as a Nigerian show despite the Francophile diplomacy of President Shehu Shagari General Ibrahim Babangida and latterly Gen...

The Pinochet factor

Ibrahim Babangida Presidents Gnassingbé Eyadéma and Jerry Rawlings whom they hold responsible for a range of human rights abuses over the past two decades...

Parties at work

Ibrahim Babangida's annulment of Yoruba (southwest) chieftain Moshood Abiola's June 1993 election victory (as it had privately promised) but in the eyes of the south-west it embarked upon a systematic project to marginalise the Yoruba from Nigeria's administration business and armed forces...

An exit for the militicians

Ibrahim Babangida which would have kept the military at political centre-stage as in ex-President Suharto's Indonesia (AC Vol 39 No 8 Living dangerously)...

Displaying 121-130 out of 145 results.