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Jean Ping

Date of Birth: November 1942
Place of Birth: Omboué, Gabon

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Bongo for ever

His impressive Foreign Minister Jean Ping who in September took the presidency of the United Nations General Assembly is the son of a Chinese trader who married a Gabonese and was himself formerly married to Bongo's eldest daughter Pascaline...

Enter Bozizé

The Foreign Ministers of Gabon Jean Ping and Congo-Brazzaville Rodolphe Adada flew in for talks on 18 March with the General...

Hear those drums

Pascaline used to be married to Foreign Minister Jean Ping...

Our friends in the north

A mediation mission under Gabonese Foreign Minister Jean Ping and the local UN representative Senegalese General Lamine Cissé is trying to patch up the bitter dispute between Bangui and N'djamena...

Settling Sassou

Last July influenced by Gabon's Foreign Minister Jean Ping he formed the Front Patriotique pour le Dialogue et la Réconciliation Nationale; from Gabon he is trying to bring together Sassou's main opponents in Paris around an arrangement that would put Sassou back in office for five years - provided he reduced his family's influence and shared jobs and profits with other groups...

Bongo for Bill

McAuliffe had organised for Gabonese Foreign Minister Jean Ping to meet President Clinton and National Security Advisor Samuel 'Sandy' Berger when Ping was in Washington for the 16-18 March African Ministerial Summit (AC Vol 40 No 7)...

Displaying 51-56 out of 56 results.