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Jean Ping

Date of Birth: 24 November 1942
Place of Birth: Omboué, Gabon

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No funeral for Françafrique

Paris seeks to establish new diplomatic mechanisms using different networks - such as its support for the efforts of African Union Chairman Jean Ping (Gabon's ex-Foreign Minister and Bongo's possible successor) Libya's Colonel Moammar el Gadaffi and Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa al Thani to broker a deal in Sudan's Darfur crisis...

Diversions and deviations at the Summit

Libya's King of Kings The Chairman of the AU Commission Gabon's Jean Ping had hoped to avoid disruption to the main business of the summit by devoting an entire day to Gadaffi's unity plan...

Before and after the voting

The junta used Conté’s state funeral on 26 December to open talks with regional leaders and the Chairman of the African Union Gabon’s Jean Ping whose organisation led international condemnation of Camara’s coup...

    Vol 2 (AAC) No 1 |

Wu Bangguo

He met Jean Ping the Gabonese Chairman of the African Union Commission and the two men attended the opening of the AU’s new Chinese-financed US$150 million conference and office complex...

Financial and political chaos

The net losers in the imbroglio were the AU whose Jean Ping became a more forceful advocate for the Sudan government than Khartoum itself and the ICC which could be fatally undermined by a lack of international support on this key issue...

Message from the wazungu

Outgoing AU Chairman Alpha Oumar Konaré said the organisation could not sit with 'its arms folded' in the midst of mass violence and ethnic cleansing but his successor Gabon's former Foreign Minister Jean Ping seems happy to let Annan and his mediators take the lead on the issue...

    Vol 49 No 4 |
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Beyond the borders

That seems likely to persist now that Mali's Alpha Oumar Konaré has been replaced as President of the AU Commission by the Gabonese diplomat Jean Ping...

    Vol 1 (AAC) No 9 |

Zhai Jun

On 30 June he met with AU Chairman Jean Ping and handed over donations of US$300 000 to the AU and $600 000 to UNAMID...

No man an island

Gabon's debts represent 40 per cent of GDP and in September Foreign Minister Jean Ping announced plans to increase them with a $3 billion iron ore-backed loan from China's Exim Bank for infrastructure to exploit reserves in Belinga (AC Vol 47 No 14)...

Displaying 41-50 out of 57 results.