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United Kingdom

Andrew Mitchell

Date of Birth: 23 March 1956
Place of Birth: London

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Prosperity and paranoia

Yet the enthusiasm of British International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell a former Royal Tank Regiment officer for Kagame’s rule is undiminished and former Prime Minister Tony Blair’s African Governance Initiative is still sending young British professionals to work in Rwanda’s civil service...

You can pick your friends

Since Andrew Mitchell was appointed as Secretary for International Development DfID and Beijing have talked about a direct partnership...

Andrew Mitchell

Since May Andrew Mitchell has been head of the Department for International Development in Britain’s new Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government...

Selective divestment

Last April the Conservative Shadow Secretary for International Development Andrew Mitchell with full support from party leader David Cameron introduced a motion in Parliament calling for British companies to withdraw from Sudan in protest against ethnic cleansing; he highlighted the role of oil production and petrodollars in fuelling atrocities in Darfur...

The big guns salute

BAE Systems' Head of Offset Campaigns Steve Jackman wrote to British MPs Hugh Bayley (Chairman of the Africa All-Party Parliamentary Group) John Robertson (Chairman of the Nigeria All-Party group) Malcom Bruce (Chairman of the International Development Committee) and Andrew Mitchell to facilitate a meeting or a lunch at which Sani would outline his 'thoughts and potential policies' as President...

Displaying 11-15 out of 15 results.