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Hillary Rodham Clinton

Date of Birth: 26 October 1947
Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois

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Diplomats on the campaign trail

Also in the Obama orbit is Tony Lake the National Security Advisor under Bill Clinton’s presidency; some mention him as a possible Secretary of State others have suggested Hillary Clinton to heal some of the wounds from the primary elections...

The Hillary effect

Zambia's first lady Maureen Kakubo Mwanawasa is seen as the power behind the throne of President Levy Mwanawasa and many believe that he wants a third term in five years' time - via his wife whose new nickname is Hillary Clinton...

From war to peace

Buoyed by strong support from international politicians such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the United States’ Senator Hillary Clinton President Johnson-Sirleaf and her Finance Minister Antoinette Sayeh have won backing for a debt write-off deal...

Gbagbo rides the tiger

His wife Simone Ehivet is to his left (a cross between Danielle Mitterrand and Hillary Clinton) and is effectively party number two...

The lobbyists' list

Contract terms: media relations (including arrangements for First Lady Hillary Clinton's trip to Tunis)...

Displaying 51-55 out of 55 results.