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Zhao Jianping

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Alain Akouala Atipault

After a visit from Zhao Jianping Assistant Governor at the China Development Bank and Chairman of the China-Africa Development Fund in late November SEZ Minister Alain Akouala Atipault (aka ‘A3’) told the press that Chinese investors were interested in backing the four zones to be developed in cooperation with Singapore and Mauritius (AAC Vol 4 No 2)...

CADF expands Africa network

In March CADF Chairman Zhao Jianping met officials from the New Partnership for Africa’s Development the Economic Commission on Africa the African Union Commission and the African Development Bank to discuss areas of potential cooperation...

China's positioning in the Kosmos

' To support broad-based growth and prevent oil's domination of the economy CDB Assistant Governor Zhao Jianping said that the financing could also cover the building of social housing industrial projects transportation links and investments in agriculture...

    Vol 2 (AAC) No 12 |

Zhao Jianping

China Development Bank Vice-Governor Zhao Jianping has taken the reins of the China-Africa Development Fund from CDB colleague Gao Jian...

Displaying 1-4 out of 4 results.