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South Africa

Julius Sello Malema

Date of Birth: 01/01/1981
Place of Birth: Transvaal Province, South Africa

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A wounded presidency

Julius Malema ANC Youth League President and a Zuma acolyte gloated about the ANCYL’s role in Mbeki’s downfall...

Blame the judges

The depth of fervour that Zuma inspires in his fans was underlined yet again by ANC Youth League President Julius Malema who declared perhaps unhelpfully that Zuma would lead South Africa from prison if needs be...

Zuma takes the provinces

' That was the message from Julius Malema President of the ANC Youth League (who has also vowed to 'die' to secure Zuma's election)...

After the politics, the money

Factions in the ANC Youth League – led by President Julius Malema and his rival Saki Mofokeng – are manoeuvring for party jobs; policy arguments take second place...

Displaying 141-146 out of 146 results.