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Graça Machel

Date of Birth: 17 October 1945
Place of Birth: Incadine, Gaza Province, Portuguese East Africa (Mozambique)

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Talks break down

Graça Machel widow of the first President Samora Machel (now seen as representing a cleaner more honest era) and wife of South African former President Nelson Mandela is respected both internationally and in Mozambique's civil society; if asked she might well stand for president and she would do well...

Family affairs

But a 15-year-old daughter called Hana was pictured with Nelson Mandela and Graca Machel in South Africa in June 1999 along with the other Gadaffi women...

The China re-connection

Kaunda's travels later took him to South Africa for Mandela's 80th birthday and wedding on 18 July to Mozambique's Graça Machel...

Wall Street is coming

The government touts the project as an example of ‘African Renaissance' cooperation and the picture is brightened by the sentimental alliance between President Nelson Mandela and Mozambique's perennial First Lady Graça Machel...

No news, good news

The rapturous applause that greeted South African President Nelson Mandela and his newly confirmed companion Graça Machel widow of President Samora Machel of Mozambique distracted somewhat from the main event...

Displaying 31-35 out of 35 results.