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South Africa

Jackie Jacob Sello Selebi Selebi (Jackie)

Date of Birth: 7/03/1950
Place of Birth: Johannesburg
Died: 23/01/2015

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Policemen plod on

High expectations therefore attach to the first black Commissioner of Police Jackie Selebi...

The region rumbles

His predecessor Jackie Selebi was a former ANC youth leader in exile and a gifted diplomat at the United Nations in Geneva (where he promoted the campaign to outlaw landmines)...

Transatlantic tryst

Foreign policy has been haphazard under Foreign Minister Alfred Nzo (likely to go after the elections) but the new Director General appointed by Mbeki Jackie Selebi is highly regarded...

Africa's role

Jackie Selebi South Africa's Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva very professionally chaired the negotiating conference in Oslo Norway in October...

Displaying 21-24 out of 24 results.