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Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron

Date of Birth: 21 December 1977
Place of Birth: Amiens

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Sanctions test for Trump

Trump hadn't wanted to relax sanctions on an Islamist regime during a week in which he was travelling to France for a tricky meeting with President Emmanuel Macron one Washington insider told us...

UN joins G-5 force

Approval for the G-5 force marks a diplomatic victory for new French President Emmanuel Macron who has vowed to maintain France's 3 500-strong Barkhane force in the Sahel (AC Vol 58 No 11 Mali for Macron )...

States of failure

Like most other countries France has not re-opened its mission closed since 2014 because of the security risks though new President Emmanuel Macron has spoken to Serraj and reiterated support for his government...

    Vol 58 No 11 |
  • MALI

Mali for Macron

President Emmanuel Macron of France used his debut overseas visit to troops at the French military base in Gao to send a blunt message for two audiences...

Polls provide no answers

The winner Emmanuel Macron had previously demonstrated his alignment with the Algerian leadership and welcomed calls for enhanced investment...

Sex, rebels and Paris trips

Condé has no visible ties to any of the candidates but a prominent member of Medef Vincent Bolloré happens to be a good friend of both Condé and French centre-left candidate Emmanuel Macron (AC Vol 54 No 6 Condé's rainbow fades away)...

Displaying 51-56 out of 56 results.